My Amazon Home Must-Haves!

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Everyone loves and benefits from a tidy home that is well-styled and Instagram worthy. The key is in the details and staying away from clutter. When styling I love to add plants, but I also like to add items that are practical and useable. Stacked books bring color, provide layers and height to smaller items. Pretty wood bowls provide texture and interest plus they can be used to serve when hosting. Mix materials and textures for a curated look. To elevate the space eliminate anything that is faux. For example:If your budget is tight for a leather sofa then choose a chair instead. Splurge on textiles and fabrics and save on decor items that are on trend. 

Avoiding the pandemic and huge lines, I have gotten many items on Amazon for my home and other homes that I style. I have added links to some of those below.

Some have even been a Game-changer in our daily lives. As you may have seen in posts and stories we have a Husky puppy that just recently turn One! He is the cutest, smartest, and funniest but sheds like crazy. I would have gone crazy by now if it weren't for the EUFY RoboVac with Wifi....NOW with mopping capabilities!!!!! 

I will be adding some more items as I find them... Enjoy!


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