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S  U  C  C  U  L  E  N  T




Succulents are so beautiful and easy to take care of once you’ve learned just a few tips. Since the mayority of those who buy use them indoors I will be providing tips focusing on that. 




I have seen that the biggest problem people encounter when growing succulents is O V E R-watering. Succulents do not like to sit in soaking wet soil as they absorb water from the air rather than from direct contact with water. They love to have a good soak and then dry out for a little while. (Just like in the desert succulents go through a period of drought until the occasional rainfall.)

I generally water my indoor succulents every 14 days. 





The amount of water you use will depend on the type of soil your succulent is in and if the planter has drainage or not. If you bought your succulent from Plantique By Wendy, we prepare our soil mix with different components to provide good drainage plus a little natural fungicide. 

However, If you got your succulents at a local nursery which is standard potting soil you will want to water less often than with a faster draining soil.

If your succulents are in a planter with no drainage LESS WATER IS MORE. The amount will depend on the size of your planter so for example if your planter has 4 cups of soil I would water with 250 ml or 1 cup pouring very slowly directly on the soil not over the leaves.  Using a squeeze bottle will allow you to measure your water and to pour slowly targeting the soil with the nozzle. 



Your succulents will want natural light, but not too harsh. The best place is a foot or two away from a window that receives bright light, preferably in the morning when it’s not as hot. Being too close to a window that gets hot, direct light can actually cause the plant to sunburn. A sunburned succulent will get blackish brown spots on the leaves. Those spots won’t go away once they show up. You can either remove the leaves that are sunburned if you don’t like how it looks or just leave them until they die eventually. A succulent needs about 6 hours of indirect sunlight a day. If they don’t get enough sunlight they will start to stretch out and lose their compact shape. If this happens, don’t worry! Your plant is still healthy, just move to another place with the right conditions. 

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