Succulents are here to stay!

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If you take a peek at any décor magazine you’ll see these diverse range of conversation starters are the hottest plants around. It’s no wonder that succulents are so popular, from their low maintenance easy-to-grow nature, to their variety and beauty — succulents are here to stay.



1) Let them see the sun!

Succulents offer brilliant colors and are at their best when exposed to long days of direct sunlight (6 hours+ of direct light).  While you can grow succulents in the shade, their color won’t be as intense. The more sun the better! 

If your succulent is growing a bit lanky, with a long stem and lots of space between leaves, then it’s probably not getting enough light and is “reaching” for the sun.


2) Water Gently…


Your best bet for succulents is to water thoroughly, but less often.  This is the rule whether the plants are indoor or outdoor. Stay away from ineffective misting and ensure that the top 2 inches of soil are dry before you water deep and saturate the soil.

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