3d Model and Rendering Services

What is rendering?

Rendering is the process of creating a photorealistic image from a 2D or 3d model by means of a computer program. The goal of a render is to illustrate like-like experiences of how a space will look before they have been built.

Our 3d rendering services feature advanced digital technology that enables you to virtually stage and visualize spaces prior to construction. We can produce stunning realistic 3d images that are far beyond the scope of traditional 2d drawings. We are able to create multiple styles of renderings so you can achieve the ideal look for your property. We will deliver a high-quality product and present your projects in the best favorable light.



Rendering Costs

3d rendering prices vary depending on how much work is involved, the size, the details supplied to us and scope of work. Also, the size of the final render will be taken into account for pricing.  For example billboards need high quality large sized images that take a very long time to process.

Requesting a Quote (plantiquebywendy@gmail.com)

To get a 3D rendering project quoted or started, you need to complete a brief (see below) and send along with exact measurements, plans and style references, textured samples, colors or any other material that explains your vision or ideas.


Brief Info:

Name and address

Preferred date for render completion (Ex. As soon as possible, next week, 2-3 months) 

Detailed explanation of ideas and vision concept. 

Space Plans with measurements

Color palette 

Mood Board with style references and materials