Bringing The Outdoors In


Hey! I am Wendy Santana. I live in Puerto Rico. Born and raised in this beautiful Island of Enchantment, I develop early on an admiration for plants and the outdoors after growing up watching my mom do some basic gardening of her own. 

So when time came to turn my own house into a home I develop a huge interest into anything related to home design and plant cultivation. I first took some courses in landscaping and learned a lot about plant needs and basic cares. But it was being hands-on with them and sadly killing a few by over-caring that I really learned about their needs. 

Fast-forward to now, I can say I have become a homebody. I’ve learned a few things on this journey of creating a home. First and foremost it should be about showcasing who you are as a family and what you love to do. It should portray a sense of your personality and where you've been.  Whether you are a traveler, a cooker, a newly-wed couple or a family of 6 your home should tell your story through photos, keepsakes, art and meaningful items you've collected along your way. And although everyone's personal story and aesthetic may be  different one thing is common between all decorating styles: Adding Greenery to your space is the final touch that brings it all come together into a warm inviting place to gather with your loved ones or to relax and unwind by yourself. 

Prior to launching Plantique, I worked... still do, at a multi-national transportation company. On my spare time I create everything you see, everything you order and my family helps me by delivering it right to your door. I like to cook, read, organize and style and re-arrange my furniture. I do tv commercials and I also model for Beyond Hair Salon in Condado from time to time. I am also a mother of three young adults Carlos Javier 23, Fabiola 21 and Paola 19. Plus, we have Togo, a very curious energy-filled 1 year-old Husky puppy. Everyone would think I got my hands full. And I actually do! But when you have a passion for something you just can’t help but make time for the things you love.  

In 2018, I started posting on Instagram photos of everything I was growing and creating with my plants in my backyard. That led to friends and family telling me how great they were. That lead to creating a page, then a website and all of a sudden I became the CEO and Founder of Plantique By Wendy. An online shop where you can find pre-loved, hand-picked and low-maintenance plants in ready-arrangements to give as a gift or add life to any space decor.  

I think that adding greenery to our home and office spaces can impact our mood and the way we are feeling. Your space should always inspire creativity, energy and evoke a sense of wellness so that when we are feeling low we can immediately feel a lot better by coming into our spaces. Plants create that feeling of well-being. They also help improve air quality and reduce stress. We have curated and styled interior greenery into different types of arrangements that are very low-maintenance for your home or office or to give as gifts.

We love Bringing the Outdoors In and my hope through Plantique is to bring  some greenery into your life!