Original Textured Canvas Art

  • $28.00

About the painting: Handmade, Canvas, Abstract plaster art  

Color: black and white

Style: Modern, Contemporary, Minimal

Dimensions: Available in 8" x 10" h and 14” x 18”

 About the artist:

Fabiola Andino is a young puertorrican artist influenced  by her local culture. Her personal style emanates peace and joy and expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of the Caribbean culture. Fabiola has been painting since she was in fourth grade but really develop a passion for art in her early twenties inspired and influenced by urban music and fashion. From a young age she believes that  "anything that comes from the soul can be transformed into art , that is my soul language ".


 Details: Your art piece may not be exactly the same as in the photos you made the order from. Because all of our paintings are handmade and often ordered, minor or subtle changes may occur. It will be nearly identical and keep the same colors or pattern scheme.

Delivery time: You will receive the painting hand-delivered around two weeks after order has been placed unless the painting is already in stock.