The Greenery Starter Bundle

  • $175.00

Wanting to add some life into your space but not sure which plants suit your space? Introducing the Starter Greenery.... that will bring your space to life without the struggle. Very low-maintenance plants that require almost no knowledge of plant care.  Bundle comes as is in a set of three neutral ceramic planters that will pair well with any decor aesthetic. 

Large planter is 9" tall x 10" diameter.

Medium planter is 7" tall x 6" diameter.

Small planter is 4 1/2" tall x 5" diameter.

Bundle also includes water bottle with nozzle and a moisture meter. 

Monitoring the soil moisture of your potted plants will always help you know if you need to water your plants.

The three-in-one measurement can help you quickly understand the soil condition in ten seconds.